We can build your product

We make your business model come true. Whether it’s a product MVP, an internal tool, a feature or just a few scripts

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Custom tools

We are able to implement very specific tools from your needs and requirements

Web Applications

We have an established process to build complex web applications for your project.

"General Coding"

We are available for any "general coding task, support, scripting, staffing etc."

Use cases

CN rails
CN - on the tracks

implement a monitoring solution with alerting capacity for some equipments

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Ben & Alex
BNA - on the buffets

Build Web application first version and help aquire first major customers

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Global Eagle
GEE - 1000s ft above

Keeping track of deployed entertainment content.

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We worked together

Why us?

Sikilabs is a product development firm. We've been on the market since 2013. The company started by fulfilling individual contracts. We've contributed to awesome projects ever since, opensource or not. Today we have 3 startups in our bag (2 still active) and some currently active systems powering companies that worked with us. We're use to find the best way, depending on use cases to find solutions, thanks to our tight collaboration ways. We litterally work with each client. Let us know how we can help you achieve and grow.

Our tech stack

amazon web services
django rest framework
django rest framework