We are your friendly dev firm

We make your business model come true. Whether it’s a product MVP, an internal tool, a feature or just a bunch of scripts

We are your friendly dev firm

We make your business model come true. Whether it’s a product MVP, an internal tool, a feature or just a bunch of scripts


Our core skills are in Python and Django development. We push ourselves really hard to make you and your customers happy


Your internal tools, by us. Having done it so many times in the past made us confident in building problems solving tools and making your process lighter


Tell us your idea, we will build its first version. We think alongside you. Combining your sense of the actual idea with our expertise can only result in the best possible Minimum Viable Product

Why Us?

We're round

We're round, not square. Our angles of approach are infinite, we adapt and blend, making the collaboration smooth.

We're agile

We're agile and transparent. You have access to the tools and info we use to work for you. You're entirely part of the process

We're Tailored

We rethink specific part of our methods with each client leaving main processes the same. We ensure efficiency and adaptation

We're Diverse

We're culturally and geographically diverse. This is an invaluable pool of ways, techniques and Ideas. Plus we're here for you 24/7

Use Cases

cn feature

Data Management. A Railways Perspective.

CN is a Canadian leader in railways transportation. During the past years, the company has been in the process of adding a considerable amount of automation into its vast network for safety reasons but also to comply with new regulations that are being introduced. Our task was to implement a monitoring solution with alerting capacity for some of the equipments. The challenge was that with a 20,000 miles network and hundreds of equipments, this was no mere task. Today, the system we've introduced is handling more than 2 millions of data points per day and alerts teams on critical events happening on moving equipment.

cn feature

Software for smart mining. Ya dig?

Almaground is an innovative group that provide a software suite for precise and effective mining problem solving. Their applications rely on hardware and software performance and, unlike most apps in this industry, they are cloud based. We were challenged to find a way to have a smooth execution of the software as some part of it was really demanding in terms of resources. We implemented a solution that handle the execution and the result delivery in a timely fashion without compromising the performance. The software is now out in the market.

cn feature

Happiness at Work. With an MVP.

Happiness at work. That is the motto of that early stage startup that we've met a while ago. Their vision is to make office catering simple, from a web application perspective. We liked the idea an so we partnered to build their MVP. The pain we had to overcome is managing that huge value chain: from the cooking to the eating. We did bring solution a lot of those problems and we played a big part in acquiring a few first b2b customers. Ben & Alex is today slowly leaving that early stage phase and getting ready for much more challenges. We're very proud to be part of their story.

They trusted us:

Our Tech Stack for effective Development:

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django rest framework