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Whether you need to build an interface to manage information, develop a user-friendly web application to solve a specific problem, write a custom script, or save the world, just tell us your needs. We'll build a reliable custom solution for you.

We use a lean and agile process to develop each custom tool, including iterative testing and constant feedback from clients and end-users. We pride ourselves on delivering value and reliability with all of our custom back-end and front-end solutions.

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Use Case

ReachBC: empowering volunteers to advance public health research

In British Columbia, Canada, there was a major obstacle to advancing health research: most of the province’s residents were interested in participating in research, but few knew how to do it. To bridge this gap, the provincial government joined forces with university and healthcare system stakeholders to envision an innovative solution called REACH BC on which Sikilabs is responsible for the backend development.

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