Looking to get more insights from your data? We can help you quickly tap into hidden information from your logs, events and applications and create efficiencies for your business.

At Sikilabs, we offer streamlined onboarding of your data into Elasticsearch, an open-source tool that lets you search and analyze your data in real time. We'll also deploy it so you can visualize, monitor and react to events happening across your apps, websites and systems—all with a user-friendly interface.

Log monitoring: Search your logs for useful info, instantly see patterns and identify anomalies in real time.

Event monitoring: Trigger custom actions based on any events happening in your apps.

Application performance monitoring: Detect bugs, keep tabs on your uptime, perform a health check on your apps and pinpoint areas for optimization.

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Use Case

CN: Mining train data for more safety

CN transports more than US$187 billion worth of goods a year across 20,000 miles of railroad in Canada and the United States. An industry pioneer, CN wanted to analyze huge real-time data sets from hundreds of moving trains to improve rail safety. Sikilabs helped CN mine the data for critical safety events and visualize what’s happening on each train through user-friendly dashboards. By harnessing insights from real-time data, CN can now automatically stop unsafe trains in their tracks and prevent rail accidents.

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Sikilabs worked with CN from the requirement definition to the product roll-out and support. Sikilabs was particularly successful at translating business requirements into programming specifications and was able to deliver the product in increments that were easy to build upon and maintain.