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Why Organizations Are Moving Towards Open-Source OS

Opensource might be your best choice

Posted by sikilabs on June 3, 2021

More and more businesses are shifting to open-source software, and it has become almost a necessity for most of them. Almost everything nowadays requires an OS, which includes inventory management, accounting software, productivity sheets, telecommunications systems, you name it. At Sikilab, we have a dedicated team that has both skilled and experienced software engineers who can build your business an open-source system that suits your business model. We can also develop a systems integration service to make the new application work efficiently on your existing systems.

There are many reasons businesses are making a major shift to OS as it has a significant impact on the entire organization. The following are the reasons why businesses now prefer to use OS as opposed to closed source software.

  1. Fewer hardware costs

Since open-source software is very easy to amend as per the business requirement and compress, it requires lesser hardware power to carry out the same tasks if you compare it to the amount of hardware power required for closed source software. With the less hardware power needed, you can use the existing hardware systems that do not cost an arm and a leg and can even be a bit older. This way, it is a win-win situation for you as you get better results without investing much in the hardware upgradation.

  1. High quality

Most businesses prefer to use open source because it has better quality than a closed source one. When you use open-source software, the source code is usually available. Such software is very well designed and gets its bugs fixed quickly due to its flexibility.

  1. Open Vendor choice

With open-source software, you can easily customize it to fit your business’s needs. Open-source software is designed in a way that it allows you to edit, copy and use the software however you wish. It gives businesses the much-needed flexibility to customize the program as the requirement.

  1. Management

Open-source software uses standards like Common Information Model and web-based enterprise management. With the help of these high-end technologies, you can integrate and combine server applications and workstation management. It will allow you to have good administration of your business.

  1. Lower costs

With open-source software, you do away with expensive license and maintenance fees that rack up your business cost greatly. The only expenses that you will encounter are for the documentation, media, and support.


If you desire you get an open-source system for your business, Sikilab is always there to offer its services that fit your business needs. There are many advantages to having an OS for your business, as listed above. We highly recommend you to engage a firm that knows how to deliver a system that integrates with your existing systems well. Contact us today and share your business requirement with us. We will let you know what kind of open-source software you need.