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Top 5 things to consider when hiring a Python Developer

Finding the right python developer

Posted by sikilabs on Jan. 13, 2020

If you don’t know much about programming, finding and hiring a Python developer might be a daunting task. A person might have the right credentials on their resume, but how do you know they’re going to be the right fit for your project? Here are the top 5 things we consider at Sikilabs when evaluating Python developers.

  1. Ability to solve problems independently. A good developer should not only know how to code, but also be able to look at your existing applications and understand how they interact. Like a good mechanic, your Python developer should not only know how to use the tools, but also understand what’s under the hood so they can find reliable solutions to your business challenges.
  2. Solid technical skills. These days, a lot of people are learning to code through “boot camps” rather than traditional undergraduate programs. At Sikilabs, we think it’s awesome whenever anybody learns to code, no matter how they chose to learn it. At the end of the day, what really matters is whether your developer has the skills they need. Ask your candidate one or two questions about Python that require a good grasp of Python — for example, you could ask about how to implement class inheritance. If they don’t know the answer, they’re probably too new and not a great candidate. (And if you’re in HR and don’t know the answers? Make sure you’ve got someone technical at the interview who does.)
  3. Likes solving problems. The best developers are those who are excited by problems, because they love finding a solution. For them, a good challenge turns work into a game. At Sikilabs, we often stay late working on things not because we have to, but because we like to — it’s fun! If you want a developer who will find creative solutions to your business challenges and address every last detail until the problem is solved, you’ll need someone who codes because it’s their passion and not just their job.
  4. Side projects outside of work. A good way to tell whether a developer really loves what they do is to ask about what they do outside of their normal work. For example, if a developer makes open source contributions, takes part in conferences, or writes blog posts, it’s a very good sign. Because even if they’re not the top candidate in terms of technical skills, it shows they are willing to go above and beyond and can find creative and innovative solutions.
  5. Willingness to learn. Even if a Python developer ticks all the boxes above, it goes without saying that nobody knows everything. Look for someone understands that there is never one single solution to a problem. If your developer is open to and curious about different approaches you’re interested in pursuing, they’ll be able to help you explore all the options and understand the advantages and disadvantages of each, ensuring that your business gets a workable solution that sets it up well for the future.
  6. The takeaway: As with any other job, the best Python developer for your company is not necessarily the one with the best technical skills. Make sure your candidate loves what they do and has an open mind, so they can help you find solid long-term solutions for your business needs with Python.